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“A work of art is not an end in itself, it must transcend the contemporary. The clay becomes a library of emotions, made eternal at the moment of creation”.

Art is an expression of man destined to cross through the ages. It is based on figurative composition and expresses a thought, a message, through beauty and harmony.

I create tiny sculptures, symbolic of the development of man in his cultural and biological evolution. The shape is inspired by an original “chalice”, intended as a symbol of containing and offering, a synthesis of human culture and its relationships.

The Chalice is an object of royalty, dominance, friendship, agreement, sharing. An ancient artifact, a ritual that unites generations and ages in the essential universal gesture of drinking. The model I have chosen is typically used in Italy to taste mulled wine, or vin brulè, to ring in the new year with good wishes.

I identifiy with that form and behave in such a way as for it to be recognizable wherever I am. Then a single iconographic subject, constantly re-edited through the technical use of casting with ancient ceramic moulds that leave traces in the clay, of corroded and worn out craftsmanship.
The artistic interaction has a Neo-Pop dimension in its cadenced repetition of an everyday object, mediated by a primitive gestural action directly on the clay in an instance of Neo-Informal inspiration; conveyed also in its painted.

Sculptures made of footprints, full and empty, of light, flashes and darkness, secrets, mysteries and illustrative quotations. Sometimes in dishevelled compositions stacked together in a celebratory, theatrical sequence.

Like a succession of scenes, the female nude appears here and there in abstract scenographies, executed in her own hand and on the theme of “Jupiter and I” from Greek mythology, and “Leda and the Swan”. Images encrypted in photoceramics, which evoke intimate feelings, of hidden deep desire, confidences.


Rolando Giovannini is a Knight of the Order of Merit of the Italian Republic and Member of IAC International Academy of Ceramics, Geneva, Switzerland.
He was invited to the 54th International Art Exhibition of the Venice Biennale (2011, curated by Vittorio Sgarbi). He also participated at 4th Biennial Shanghai International Contemporary Porcelain Shanghai Museum of Arts and Craft, Shanghai (2014 China).
He graduated with a degree in Geology and a diploma at the Academy of Fine Arts in Bologna, Italy. He is Professor of Ceramics Material in Architecture – Knowledge and Conservation at the SSBAP - Polytechnic University of Milan (since 2015, previously he was Professor in Milan Brera Academy of Fine Arts) and author of various books (Italian/Spanish) on ceramic design for architecture. In 1996 he was the curator of Centro di Documentazione della Piastrella Italiana in the Confindustria Palace (Sassuolo, Italy), and of the 2004 Design Exhibition in MuST – Museo Storico Tecnologia, SACMI (Imola, Italy). In 2013 he curated Recent Ceramic Tiles in MIC (International Ceramics Museum, Faenza) as well as Contemporary Ceramics Art in Museo Fiorano Modenese, Italy.
His art works are held at the Victoria and Albert Museum London, the Shin-Kobe underground railway Shinkansen Station in Kobe Japan, Museu Nacional do Azulejo Lisboa Portugal, Fuping FuLe International Ceramic Art Museums China, Ceramics Museum Zibo China, Museu de les Arts Decoratives Barcelona Spain, AMOCA Museum Pomona USA, MIC Faenza, and MIAAO International Applied Art Museum in Turin, Italy.
Since 2013, he has been a member of NCECA (National Council on Education for the Ceramic Arts, USA), and of MI.MA “Milano Makers” (Executive Committee Member since 2015). He is president of Watercolourists Faenza, Italy (2017) and curator of “Espresso and Cappuccino Cups” eleven Editions 2017-2019 (11 editions with 145 artists and designers from around the world).

Faenza Italy, 15 05 2019

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