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Sidika Sidel SEVIM




In my opinion ceramic art pieces’ technical originality is important as quality of them. It is definite that this property contribution excessively felt in ceramic art when consciously applied to the originality and difference creation. Therefore while creating my pieces I care much about technic and I continue this pursuit since the beginning.
In my art pieces by the help of forms and colours, most themes composed of allusions from present to past, inspirations from past to present. That is why in my ceramic works occur mostly the civilizations and cultures prints lived in Anatolia.
The pieces that I produced, I generally use ajour and slip pouring technics and also some inspirations from marbling art occur. Besides these my last performances on ceramic surfaces interpreting the forms and figures of my inner self redesigned on my original stickers. My works are formed like wall plates, vases, three-dimensional forms and wall installations. I performed the work related with penguins by the same method.


Prof. Sibel Sevim was born in 1964. She received her Bachelor’s degree in Ceramic from Anadolu University, Fine Arts Faculty in 1989, MA degree in Ceramic from Anadolu University Social Sciences Institute in 1991, Doctorate degree in Ceramic from same Institute in1994. She became Professor in 2005.
She has participated in many ceramic organizations national and international such as Holland, England, Lithuania, Tunis, Germany, Italy, Cuba, Latvia, Austria, Korea, Spain, Moldova, Estonia, Japan, Mexico, Brazil and USA. She has presented many lectures and presented national and international articles about ceramics. She has 12 solo exhibitions and 110 group exhibition and many interviews are her about.
Prof. Sibel Sevim has published two books about Ceramic Decoration techniques. One of the this book was awarded by Turkish Science Academy. Her articles and papers have been published at national and international magazines and proceeding books. She was awarded in five ceramic competitions and also her works take place in various public and private collections. Recently, she is working Director of Graduate School of Fine Arts at Anadolu University Eskisehir-Turkey.

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