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For me personally, clay is a very mystical medium, because in ceramics everything is possible and the means of creation are unlimited. So far I have used fired and non- fired clay in sculpture, design, installation, animation, and creation of different sounds.

At the moment I am fascinated by a certain technique, which I call the 3D clay pen technique. It allows me to create improvised ceramic forms and textures in a very short time and in the ways, that are impossible to use with other methods in ceramics. The whole process is a meditative improvisation with no certain outcomes; something unexpected always happens, therefore it suits my own mindset well.


1967 -- born in Nadalema, Rapla County, Estonia
1992 -- graduated from Tallinn Art University, Department of Ceramics
Since 2005 has been head of the Department of Ceramics in Estonian Academy of Arts
Co-founder of Asuurkeraamika Studio, member of the Estonian Artists Association and artists’ group NEOEKSPREPOST.
Since 1988 has participated in exhibitions and symposia in Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Finland, Iceland, Slovakia, Korea, Sweden, Poland, China, France, Germany, USA, Hungary, etc.


ウルマス プカン


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