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Taking place every 2 years in fall, Sasama International Ceramic Art Festival welcomes about 70 artists form all over the world. This event is the occasion for cultural exchanges, new meetings and opportunities.
There are 3 categories of artists participating.
The Invited artists are chosen by the festival's art director, Shozo Michikawa.
A Guest country is highlighted every edition represented by a group or association of ceramists.
The Selected artists are chosen on application by the festival committee .
The event is held during 4 days which are divided into 2 categories.
MANABU 2 DAYS: Invited artists for all over the world will perform demonstrations and present slide lectures about their works. Visitors can learn artists's unique techniques, thoughts and ideas. MANABU 2 DAYS are learning periods about specific contemporary ceramic techniques.
*You can book your pass in advance. 
DEAU 2 DAYS: All participant artists will exhibit and sale their pieces at various sites within the village such as the school ground, a private house and the fomer junior high school. 
In addition, you can enjoy variable activities such as local market, an introduction to the tea ceremony, workshops and a bus tour to discover Sasama's culture.
*No advance tickets on sale.
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