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The eclectic nature of Officine Saffi mirrors Laura Borghi’s own professional career. After completing her studies in scientific fields and subsequently specializing in graphic design and illustration, she became interested in ceramics, attending courses and workshops led by important figures both from Italy and abroad. She soon decided that her mission would be to make what she had learned available to the general public by means of publishing projects. The result was OS Project, launched two years ago, a unique structure in Italy, founded in order to enhance the ceramic arts by means of an architectural setting, Officine Saffi, which comprises art facilities, workshops, seminars and publishing projects. As well as the Gallery, whose objective is to promote ceramics in their most highly developed and sophisticated form, the structure includes the OS Lab for workshops and seminars held by important artists, and La Ceramica in Italia e nel Mondo, a cosmopolitan magazine providing information on both traditional and contemporary ceramics, and more in general on art in all its forms and expressions.


ローラ ボルギ


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