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I use electric firing and slab building and I use tow or several completely different clays like porcelain and rough stoneware together to make a surface like French bread or trunk of a tree …. My aim is to keep and show the natural power of the clay until after firing.


I got 3 years of ceramic education in 2 schools at Seto in Japan and thought Sri-Lanka as ceramic instructor, I’m living and working in Paris since 1986. After Applied arts school Duperré, in 1996 first studio in Lilas- suburbs of Paris, and in 2010 I moved to current new studio in Paris –Père La Chaise. My base-land is France. I work I in other European countries : Denmark , Spain, Belgium, Germany, Switzerland, UK, Holland,… and as well as in Asia and in U.S.A.


ヨシミ フタムラ


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