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I am curious to see what happens when I throw, push, roll, stretch and bend clay, and then subject it to the extremes of wood salt firing. This process is not easily controlled. I flow with it and attempt to guide the many forces which interact to produce my work. What bursts forth is a kind of fluid energy and serenity sometimes in the same piece, a living thing arising from the mysteries of an alchemical process. This narrative applies differently according to what I make, and it provides a unifying theme that links all my work.


Sandy Lockwood has been working with clay, wood-firing and salt-glazing for more than 35 years. Her studio is situated in a bushland setting in the Southern Highlands of New South Wales, Australia, between Sydney and Canberra. In her practice Sandy explores the expressive material possibilities innate in clay. Material experimentation and woodfiring are foundational aspects of both her functional and sculptural works. Her ceramic works have been widely exhibited and are represented in public and private collections in Australia, UK, USA, Europe, Korea, China and Japan. Her work has been published in many journals and books and her status as a maker has seen her as a presenter on wood-firing and salt-glazing in Australia, UK, USA, Denmark, Japan, Taiwan and France. Sandy holds a Masters of Visual Arts degree and has taught at a number of tertiary institutions, and she currently teaches part time at the National Art School Sydney, and at her studio. She is currently undertaking research for a Doctorate at the University of Wollongong.


サンディ ロックウッド


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