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Arnold ANNEN



The first 3 years of my professional education, I was an apprentice in a traditional pottery in the Swiss mountains, accompanied by basic theoretical studies in the school of applied arts in Bern-city. From 1974 I worked in Geneva at J.-C. de Crousaz’s and in different workshops in La Borne, France, getting experience in wood-salt-firing and working in the whole production process. Fascinated by the possibilities of woodfiring, I moved 1977 to Japan, where I worked for 3 years in Bizen at Sakakibara’s. After a study trip through Europe, I settled in Beatenberg, Switzerland, where I run my first own workshop 1980 – 1984. 1985 – 1987 I moved my studio to Amsterdam and Hamburg, where I concentrated in experimenting with porcelain-neriage. Since 1989 I work in Basel, dedicating all my time in working with porcelain with the main interest in the research of its translucency.


アーノルド アンネン


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